The musicians of Unforsaken

Thomas Wilson
Jon Hooper
Thomas Wilson
Jon Hooper
Vocals, Drums,
Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Bass

Musical Influences:
Musical Influences:
Rez, Bride, Petra, Idle Cure, King's X, Deliverance,
Megadeth, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Strativarius

Phil Keaggy, Joe Satriani, Rez, Stryper, Steve Vai,
Eric Johnson, Vinnie Moore, King's X, Megadeth

Brief Bio:
Brief Bio:
Thomas began playing drums at age 8, playing in Sunday evening church services by age 11, and in church youth meetings throughout his teen years. In grade 8 and throughout high school, he played in various school concert bands. By his early teens, Thomas had begun to write lyrics, and started learning guitar at the age of 19 in order to assist in his music writing efforts. It was around this time that he became serious about singing, as well as exploring various musical instruments.

Thomas founded Unforsaken in 1993 with co-founders Jon Hooper (guitar) and Sheldon D'Costa (bass).

During a period in which Unforsaken was disbanded, Thomas joined a band called Lost Coin as lead vocalist. He later engaged in a solo singing career, which eventually led him to rejoin Jon Hooper for the reformation of Unforsaken.

In 2008, Thomas released a heavy metal side project called Incarnate, which had originally been formed in 2002 as a collaboration with former Unforsaken bassist Sheldon D'Costa. He has more recently joined forces with Martin Pleau of Endless Funeral, the first project in which Thomas has not assumed the role of lead vocalist.

In addition to his involvement with the above bands, Thomas is also the owner/operator of the music production company and indie record label Unforsaken Productions.

Jon began playing guitar at the age of 11, taking professional lessons for six years. He started to write music at the age of 18, and helped form his first band, The Lost Cause shortly afterward. Jon was TLC's lead guitarist.

Jon co-founded Unforsaken in 1993 with Thomas Wilson (vocals, drums) and Sheldon D'Costa (bass).

In the mid 1990s, Jon began teaching guitar at Bud's Music Centre in Peterborough, Ontario, where he remains as guitar teacher and management staff to this day. He also owned and operated Spruce Winds Recording Studio in Millbrook, Ontario for several years.

During a period in which Unforsaken was disbanded, Jon offered his musical services to Oshawa, Ontario based band Rise, as well as to other bands in need of musicians. In more recent years, he has been having a lot of fun playing guitar in and co-leading his church worship team.

In addition to music, Jon has an avid interest in art, which has led him to design many band logos and album covers, including Unforsaken, Incarnate, Rise, Endless Funeral, and more.

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