Welcome to Unforsaken Productions Recording Services
Welcome to Unforsaken Productions Recording Services
3 Maple Ave. Norwood ON
(705) 837-2042

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Unforsaken Productions offers the most affordable
rates around, on all kinds of recording services.

We specialize in:

Multi-Track Recording
Whether you're recording your first demo or a
full-production CD, we're equipped to handle
all your tracking, editing, and mixing needs.
We offer mastering services to give your completed
recording the final polish and professional
sound it will need to be ready for sale.
Artwork / Layout
CD Duplication
From logo creation, to photo editing, to your final
CD layout, we'll help you achieve an attractive and
professional finished product that's ready to sell.
Got your finished product ready for duplication?
We'll get you the best deal, whether you're
looking for large or small quantities.
Audio Transfer
Performance Programs
Do you have old cassette tapes or vinyl records that you
wish you could enjoy again? We'll transfer them to CD
and clean up the sound quality, all at affordable rates.
With extensive experience in creating music programs
for figure skating and dance, Whether for competition
or fun, we'll provide professional quality cuts.

Please contact us by email or phone
to discuss what we can do for you!

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