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Mooer Baby Bomb 30

Baby Bomb 30 amplifier
Effect Type: amplifier

The Mooer Baby Bomb 30 is a 30 watt digital guitar amplifier packed into a micro format pedal! Ideal for use with Mooer's Micro Preamp pedals, just place the Baby Bomb at the end of your pedal board, add any 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinet, and you're ready to rock!


The Baby Bomb 30 utilizes modern digital amplifier technology to create a loud and powerful yet compact and lightweight amp that's capable of jamming and yes, even gigging!

The Mooer Baby Bomb 30 is modeled to emulate the
tone and responsiveness of a tube amplifier.
Turn the volume control past half way and the amp
kicks into a warm and natural sounding overdrive.
The "Bright/Warm" switch allows the Baby Bomb 30 to
be tailored to any speaker and pedal combination.

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