Review Of "Doorways To Other Worlds"
Jesus Metal

Jon Hooper

This is something you don't see very often: Instrumental metal. This CD gives you 20 minutes of guitarsolos, with on the background guitars, bass and a drumcomputer. Even though this is a one-man project by Jon Hooper, he's helped by Jeff Lewis (who has his own Instrumental Death metal project "Abolishment Of Hate" and has played with Mortification) and Sheldon D'Costa.

It's hard for me to say which tracks stick out, because I'm better at remembering songs with vocals, also, all tracks have pretty much the same instruments, only Frozen In Time uses another sound which I can't properly describe. Then again, this isn't really important, the guitarsolos shred. I love guitar solos. No slow and soft build up and long silences, on this CD there is no time for that. The guitars just kick in and the solo starts, highly enjoyable. So overall I must say I like this. Jon Hooper shows he's a talented musician and artist, so I'll be looking forward to more from him.