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Speaker Cabinet Emulator
Mooer Radar

Radar Speaker Cabinet Emulator
Effect Type: speaker cabinet simulator / IR loader

Packed with features, the Radar speaker cabinet emulator is the perfect solution for direct recording or live performance.


Choose from 30 speaker models, 11 microphone models, 4 power amp tube models, and 3 types of equalizer! Additional features like mic positioning and gain level, power amp level and presence controls, and fully parametric EQ make your tonal options virtually limitless! And it all fits into a micro format pedal!

The Mooer Radar makes direct recording easier than ever! Simply
plug into your computer interface for instant professional sound!
And live setup has never been easier! Connect the Radar to a sound board
for fast performance-ready operation without the need for a large rig!

The Radar is also an IR loader, so you can use your own
third-partY impulse responses to capture your favourite tone!

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